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Building Indigenous Capability is a Supply Nation accredited Indigenous Business 
that deals with government and non government agencies.  Building upon our advocacy 
and support for economic and social empowerment, human rights, and social justice; we 
employ a latticework of approaches that inform our work.   Principal amongst these are a 
commitment to inclusion and diversity,  developmental approaches to  adult learning, 
language and conversation skills, and a blend of agile, to challenges involving business, 
community and workplace improvement.  

Our Services

facilitation skills training and facilitation services 

 coaching and mentoring training and services

 to assist with the design and delivery of Indigenous community engagement and empowerment projects 

  Indigenous career development packages


 build your capability to effectively recruit and retain Indigenous staff

Human Cented Design Workshops

to provide inclusion and diversity training for the general workplace

 to facilitate workplace cultural awareness/competency and cultural safety programs 

Learning and development in support of community empowerment, cultural integrity, inclusion and diversity, equity and social justice and sustainability 

Our Service Ethos

A Commitment to Quality

Our business was formed in 2005.  We have worked with a wide-range of clientele in all areas of Australia. Our services are underpinned by a strong commitment to quality assurance and management.  Ask us how.

Cost Effective

A Client First Approach

We work closely with clients to deliver a value for money result.    We believe any effective approach to sales and service is built on relationship, and our aim is always to work on developing a strong connection. Ask us for a quote.

Tailor Made

Flexible to suit requirement

If you are not specifically sure what you are looking for we can help with that conversation. We can package offerings and tailor to suit your circumstance and situation.  Talk to us.

Products & Services

Designed with You in Mind

Facilitation for Social Change

Yarning Strong Workshops

We can tailor and provide facilitation services and facilitation training through qualified and experienced Indigenous facilitators and trainers. Our facilitation services extends to training in facilitative leadership and facilitative skills for improving teamwork and strengthening workplace relationships.

Ontological Coaching & Consulting and Non-Violent Communication Orientation

We have developed skills-based conversation and language workshops based upon the study and practice of ontological coaching and consulting (Alan Sieler, Fernando Flores) and non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg). The programs aim at enhancing and improving personal and professional performance for the individual and team.

Shaping agile, adaptive and innovative workplaces

We support global diversity and sustainability. In the context of continuous and rapidly changing work environments the need to harness and effectively engage the potential and talents of all workers is important.  We have experienced Indigenous professionals who can assist your workgroup to more effectively collaborate and coordinate their efforts to improve individual and collective performance.

Coaching, mentoring, leading and managing Indigenous employees

BIC designed Australia’s first accredited Indigenous Mentor course in 2005, which still stands today.  But training mentors is only part of the solution. By reducing the pain points in the mentoring experience: BIC's industry experience can assist you or your agency to engage in a simplified approach to assisting Indigenous staff development which in return supports retention.  Your agency’s hypothesis is therefore important for program success.

Indigenous Ways of Learning

We design and deliver Indigenous career development packages for organisations. Packages can include training, and coaching and mentoring for Indigenous staff. Program content can include; teamwork, productivity habits, learning how to learn, mindfulness and managing upwards.

Building cultural capability

We make the distinction between cultural awareness/competency and capability. We can tailor a training program or set of experiences that will assist your people and organisation with information, ideas, skills and attitudes conducive to successfully engaging with Indigenous Australians and/or working with Indigenous policy, programs or services. Our program content is always evidence and research-based.

Community Engagement

We offer community engagement services in managing small to medium scale projects that involve capacity building and coordination of local cohorts to achieve outcomes that benefit community. If you have a project where you could use an energetic, thoughtful and committed partner to bring people together and achieve an outcome then please talk to us. Your project may involve a specific sector or part of a sector (i.e. health, education, childcare, employment), it may cut across sectors, and may involve help with strategic or operational planning and/or an aspect of evaluation and review.


BIC recognises that culture is an  essential component of human development and repesents a source of identity, integrity and creativity.  Join us as we acknowledge the worlds oldest living culture and give ourselves permission to provide sustainable transparent practices of working together and not against one another.

We are aligned with

Veronica facilitated our Children’s Services annual training day.  There are so many words to describe her outstanding facilitation skills.  She is intelligent, knowledgeable and engaging.  Veronica had everyone immersed within minutes and even after lunch!  She managed to weave all of our requests into one session around leadership, strategies for connecting with each other, colleagues and families and building everyone’s knowledge about Aboriginal history and culture.  Most importantly, Veronica has a terrific sense of humour so it helped us on our learning journey alongside making us laugh a lot.  Veronica came recommended to us from local Aboriginal women who participated in the national Indigenous leadership program – we are so pleased we followed up on their advice

Trevor delivered an insightful and knowledgeable training course to our Mentors on Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Mentoring Skills. He is one of the most inspirational and professional trainers I have ever encountered. I recommend him highly!

Julie, Bega

John Allen, St Old Ignatians' Union, 

St Ignatius’ College, Riverview-Lane Cove)


PO Box 1963, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620


PO Box 1963, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620

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